A statement to our supporters, donors, volunteers, adopters and beyond…Your Immediate Action is Needed! Please read…

Fresno Bully Rescue faces opposition to new shelter site near Sanger

Fresno Bully Rescue has been in operation for almost 10 years in Fresno County. Our mission is to help rescue, educate and advocate for bully breed dogs. Dogs that often face scrutiny and discrimination from the public and media. FBR is here to help speak for the animals that have no voice. We work tirelessly to not only rescue but educate the public and advocate for these misunderstood and stigmatized breeds. While our current facility has been a safe haven for its residents for many years, our ultimate goal has always been for us to own our own property where we can create a model place that is a sanctuary for the misunderstood dogs in Fresno County.

12832585_1211633282180240_4262186834409907567_nAfter 8 years through very generous donor and community support, we reached our goal.  In December of last year FBR obtained guidance from Fresno County zoning and planning that our proposed new, permanent site was properly zoned for our use. FBR purchased a little under 3 acres in rural Fresno County. Our plans for our new facility are based on nearly 10 years of experience and trials.  The plan ensures that our dogs are provided a safe and peaceful environment.   The plan is also focused on minimizing any impacts on the surrounding community. We have spent countless hours and funds to clean up and beautify the new property. We have an exemplary track record of positive influence and providing quality service to our community and their animals.

Due to the complaints of a small percentage of nearby property owners (but not the closest neighbors) the Fresno County Board of Supervisors is considering a moratorium on new dog kennels while the staff considers whether requirements should be imposed on kennels on the AE-20 zoned parcels. Kennels have been allowed “by right” since 1967. Any changes to the zoning ordinance would not only affect FBR’s project, but an estimated 7,000+ other parcels in the AE-20 Zone district and perhaps those in other zoning districts. These decisions will affect a tremendous amount of property owners in Fresno County and should not be made hastily. Certainly County policy should never be made because a few members of the public object to a single project.

If changes do go into effect, they would potentially make it impossible for us to continue with our project to build a new, beautiful, spacious area for our dogs. Where would we go next? Every dime that has come from our incredible donors to help us get to this point is at stake. If you’ve ever supported, volunteered, donated or adopted from FBR we now need your support more than ever.


How can YOU help? Let your voice be heard!

>>>ATTEND: A hearing will be held on June 7th on this issue and We would appreciate an OVERWHELMING show of solidarity and positive support for our project. If you are able we ask that you attend the Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting on June 7, 2016 at 9 am located at

Fresno County Hall of Records,
2281 Tulare Street, Room 301, Fresno, CA 93721

>>>WRITE A LETTER:  We also invite you to offer your support by contacting the Fresno County Supervisors by email (email address listed below or by US mail to the above address.

Debbie Poochigian at District5@co.fresno.ca.us
Andreas Borgeas at District2@co.fresno.ca.us
Buddy Mendes at District4@co.fresno.ca.us
Brian Pacheco at District1@co.fresno.ca.us
Henry Perea at District3@co.fresno.ca.us

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