Popeye, the Diamond in the Rough

Meet Popeye! This 90lb, striking, handsome guy came to us back in September of 2018 after being found abandoned, tied to a fence and left overnight. Popeye is a big teddy bear with a heart of gold. He is very sweet, affectionate and forms strong bonds with his people. He likes to “talk” to you with his “wooo-woo-woooos”. Popeye knows his basic obedience and is overall, a pretty mellow guy.

When Popeye first arrived, he could care less about other dogs and walked like a dream on leash, but his time living in a shelter/kennel environment has taken its toll. He has become more stressed and senstive to the hustle and bustle of the shelter life. Sadly, as of late, his  has become more reactive to other dogs. We are hopeful that once out of the shelter he can go back to being the carefree boy he started out as. When Popeye takes trips out of the shelter for the day, he is completely non-reactive to other dogs, big or small, male or female! He is a total ham and loves every human he meets. He is always proud to show you his “shake” hand. He is also a pro tennis ball catcher and easily releases his toys upon request. He doesnt seem to be destructive and is not a digger or climber.

Because Popeye is a BIG, strong boy with some behavioral needs, we feel he would do best in a home with either no other dogs or another like-size female dog and no children younger than teen-age size. A foster or owner for Popeye should have breed experience and be the strong pack leader type. We assume Popeye was previously an outside dog as he still has some potty training to polish up on but he is proving to be a fast learner. He loves to be “with you” and thrives off the being close to his favorite humans. He is happy to just lay next to you while you work at your desk or snuggle on the couch. He is a true gem that just needs a little polishing and help!

Popeye needs out of the shelter and into a home before “shelter life” tarnishes this beautful gem. Help us find Popeye a loving, forever home!

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