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Popeye, the Diamond in the Rough

Meet Popeye! This 90lb, striking, handsome guy came to us back in September of 2018 after being found abandoned, tied to a fence and left overnight. Popeye is a big teddy bear with a heart of gold. He is very sweet, affectionate and forms strong bonds with his people. He likes to “talk” to you with his “wooo-woo-woooos”. Popeye knows his basic obedience and is overall, a pretty mellow guy.

When Popeye first arrived, he could care less about other dogs and walked like a dream on leash, but his time living in a shelter/kennel environment has taken its toll. He has become more stressed and senstive to the hustle and bustle of the shelter life. Sadly, as of late, his  has become more reactive to other dogs. We are hopeful that once out of the shelter he can go back to being the carefree boy he started out as. When Popeye takes trips out of the shelter for the day, he is completely non-reactive to other dogs, big or small, male or female! He is a total ham and loves every human he meets. He is always proud to show you his “shake” hand. He is also a pro tennis ball catcher and easily releases his toys upon request. He doesnt seem to be destructive and is not a digger or climber.

Because Popeye is a BIG, strong boy with some behavioral needs, we feel he would do best in a home with either no other dogs or another like-size female dog and no children younger than teen-age size. A foster or owner for Popeye should have breed experience and be the strong pack leader type. We assume Popeye was previously an outside dog as he still has some potty training to polish up on but he is proving to be a fast learner. He loves to be “with you” and thrives off the being close to his favorite humans. He is happy to just lay next to you while you work at your desk or snuggle on the couch. He is a true gem that just needs a little polishing and help!

Popeye needs out of the shelter and into a home before “shelter life” tarnishes this beautful gem. Help us find Popeye a loving, forever home!

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Meet Jasmine, our featured Adoptable of the Month!

We chose to feature this stunning, petite 3 year old girl because January marks exactly 1 WHOLE YEAR that she has been with us at our shelter facility! Before she came to live at Fresno Bully Rescue, she waited 3 additional months with the good people at Fresno Humane Animal Control where she originally came in as a stray. Yes, this means she has been waiting for a home since September of 2017!

We just can’t understand WHY this awesome and sweet girl is still searching for a forever family!

Jasmine is great with all people and is amazing with children. She walks well on-leash and has nice manners. She is ok with other dogs as long as they are respectful of her and she seems to enjoy smaller dogs over big dogs. She has medium energy and knows some of her basic obedience. She is very athletic and she also loves the water!

To help shine the light on this special girl, we want to sweeten the deal for any family that might be able to give her that loving, forever home. The person that adopts Jasmine will receive a 40# bag of Diamond Adult Dog Food, a $25 Gift Card to Petsmart AND a FREE 30 minute Private Training Session with local Petsmart Trainer Sandra Thompson, a 45.00 dollar value!
As with any FBR Adoption, all dogs come fixed, microchipped, fully vaccinated and applicants must complete and pass our standard adoption process. Her adoption fee is $185.00. >>Learn more about our adoption process and apply to adopt Jasmine HERE<<

If you cannot adopt this sweet girl yourself please help us spread the word by sharing this page with your friends and family! FBR adopts out dogs to the entire state of California and immediate surrounding states! You never know what may come of simply sharing this on your social media! Quick links to share are at the bottom of this page!

Waiting over a year for a home is too long! Help us make this Jasmines Year!

Check out more videos of Jasmine below!

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FBR Teams up with StokeRoast Coffee Co.

$1 per pound will be donated back to Fresno Bully Rescue when you purchase “Rumpus Time” – this unique blend was put together just for FBR supporters!

StokeRoast will be rolling out a brand new, AMAZING blend this weekend. It’s a crowd pleasing, medium roast that you’re going to be blown away by. Milk chocolate aromas and flavors define this blend, but it has super pleasing accents of walnut, almond, leather and allspice. You are going to LOVE it.

Best of all, StokeRoast will donate a portion of every purchase of this blend to the Fresno Bully Rescue, not just this weekend, but always. The only thing better than great coffee is great coffee combined with a great cause! A special tasting will be available this Saturday (10/13/18) at the Fresno Bully Rescue October Volunteer orientation so stop by anytime between 9:30am-noon for a taste test and to grab a bag of your own!

How to Order:

Contact StokeRoast on Facebook or via email at

About StokeRoast:

StokeRoast was founded by a local family. Roaster/Co-Owner, Edward Graveline is just 17-years-old. He became a coffee lover at an early age, then learned about home roasting from a family friend. It started as a hobby, but soon, he was being asked to roast coffee for family and friends. Virtually everyone who tasted his coffee said it was the best they’d ever had and wanted some for themselves. Edward was presented with the phenomenal opportunity to apprentice at Mariposa Coffee Company in 2017. There, he learned the science behind the roasting process from a 30-year veteran of the industry and a pioneer of the fluid bed roasting process (more on that in a minute). The education he received there helped him develop roasting and blending styles that are truly unique from anything else you’ll find locally. The Graveline family has ties with Fresno Bully Rescue going back to 2010, when they fostered a litter of 4 puppies that were pulled from a kill shelter. One of those puppies, Georgia, became the family pet and an amazing breed ambassador to everyone she meets. Now almost 9, she’s still the big, loveable, happy goofball she was the day she came home.

The Blend:

We are so pumped to announce our latest blend, “Rumpus Time”! This is a medium roast comprised of premium beans from three different countries and two different continents. Whether French pressed, brewed on drip or as a pour-over, Rumpus Time delivers an incredibly balanced cup. Aromas of hot chocolate are the first indicator that this isn’t your normal cup of Joe. On the palate, you’ll notice both milk and dark chocolate, almond, walnut, allspice and light berry notes. As for the name, it was inspired by our pittie, Georgia, and her friends. Anyone who spends any time around these amazing dogs knows that they get these bursts of energy where they run and play with unbridled enthusiasm and intensity. In our house, we call it Rumpus Time and it seemed like a fitting name for this coffee. Hopefully, it gives you a little shot of that same energy. Whether at work or play, we can all use a little Rumpus Time in our day.

The Process:

As mentioned, StokeRoast employs what is known as the “fluid bed” roasting process. This is different than the vast majority of commercially roasted coffee, which is produced by “drum roasters.” Essentially, the fluid bed process uses extremely hot air to roast the coffee beans. Unlike in a drum, air roasted beans never come into contact with scalding hot metal or scar by falling from the top to the bottom. They’re not trapped inside a drum with smoke and CO2 either. Fluid bed roasters are considerably more expensive than drum roasters, but we feel that the difference is worth it. Expertly air roasted beans will not display the smoky, burnt or bitter flavors that have become the norm with so many commercially roasted coffees. What they do have is a clarity and definition of flavors that can’t be beat. Try the Rumpus Time or any other StokeRoast offering to see for yourself.

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Bland Solar Donates Solar System to Fresno Bully Rescue

Fresno, CA: This month, Bland Solar, a division of Bland Company, will be completing work on an 11 kilowatt, 45 panel solar system that they are donating to the Fresno Bully Rescue’s new facility located at 11740 East Belmont Avenue in Sanger, Calif.


“Were extremely excited to announce the donation and installation of the solar system at our shelter facility! We are so thankful to have been chosen to receive this amazing gift from Bland Solar. The solar system is going to produce enough energy to cover a large majority of our electrical costs! This will help with providing extra funds in other areas of the shelter. Additionally, anyone that goes solar with Bland Solar, and references the Bully Rescue, the rescue is going to get a $500 referral fee!” – FBR Director, Bridgette Boothe


When employees of Bland Solar found out that the Fresno Bully Rescue was building a new facility, they took that opportunity to find out if there was anything that could be done to help out with the rescue’s operating costs. “We believe in what the Fresno Bully Rescue is doing and want to share in their mission to provide a temporary, transitional home for dogs, especially the “bully breeds,” says Regional Sales Manager, Ty Simpson.

Bland Solar determined that the roof space on the new storage facility could house enough solar panels to nearly eliminate all electric bills for the rescue, and in the end, decided to donate the entire system as part of their ongoing support so that the Fresno Bully Rescue could continue their positive community work.

About Bland Company: Bland Company is a company based in Bakersfield, Calif. with locations also in Clovis and Atascadero that service the entire Central Valley and Central Coast of California. Bland Company’s operating divisions include: Bland Solar, Bland Air Conditioning, and Bland Roofing. Bland Company was founded in 1986 and was ranked #1873 in Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2017.

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Meathead Movers kicks off a new project called “Do Good Boxes”

screen-shot-2016-12-17-at-10-42-20-amMeathead Movers kicks off a new project called “Do Good Boxes.” Fresno Bully Rescue is one of the lucky non-profit organizations to be a part of this great opportunity!

The idea is to help connect customers with nonprofit organizations in Fresno. If you or someone you know is moving in the Central California area and might have items to donate to local charities as you’re packing things up, call Meathead Movers!


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FBR wins 5/0 vote from Fresno County Board of Supervisors to allow new facility construction to move forward


This is a huge win for not only FBR, but all animal owners in Fresno

A very special thank you Christopher L. Campbell of Baker Manock & Jensen for his pro bono representation of Fresno Bully Rescue.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 7.05.02 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 6.56.15 PM




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A statement to our supporters, donors, volunteers, adopters and beyond…Your Immediate Action is Needed! Please read…

Fresno Bully Rescue faces opposition to new shelter site near Sanger

Fresno Bully Rescue has been in operation for almost 10 years in Fresno County. Our mission is to help rescue, educate and advocate for bully breed dogs. Dogs that often face scrutiny and discrimination from the public and media. FBR is here to help speak for the animals that have no voice. We work tirelessly to not only rescue but educate the public and advocate for these misunderstood and stigmatized breeds. While our current facility has been a safe haven for its residents for many years, our ultimate goal has always been for us to own our own property where we can create a model place that is a sanctuary for the misunderstood dogs in Fresno County.

12832585_1211633282180240_4262186834409907567_nAfter 8 years through very generous donor and community support, we reached our goal.  In December of last year FBR obtained guidance from Fresno County zoning and planning that our proposed new, permanent site was properly zoned for our use. FBR purchased a little under 3 acres in rural Fresno County. Our plans for our new facility are based on nearly 10 years of experience and trials.  The plan ensures that our dogs are provided a safe and peaceful environment.   The plan is also focused on minimizing any impacts on the surrounding community. We have spent countless hours and funds to clean up and beautify the new property. We have an exemplary track record of positive influence and providing quality service to our community and their animals.

Due to the complaints of a small percentage of nearby property owners (but not the closest neighbors) the Fresno County Board of Supervisors is considering a moratorium on new dog kennels while the staff considers whether requirements should be imposed on kennels on the AE-20 zoned parcels. Kennels have been allowed “by right” since 1967. Any changes to the zoning ordinance would not only affect FBR’s project, but an estimated 7,000+ other parcels in the AE-20 Zone district and perhaps those in other zoning districts. These decisions will affect a tremendous amount of property owners in Fresno County and should not be made hastily. Certainly County policy should never be made because a few members of the public object to a single project.

If changes do go into effect, they would potentially make it impossible for us to continue with our project to build a new, beautiful, spacious area for our dogs. Where would we go next? Every dime that has come from our incredible donors to help us get to this point is at stake. If you’ve ever supported, volunteered, donated or adopted from FBR we now need your support more than ever.


How can YOU help? Let your voice be heard!

>>>ATTEND: A hearing will be held on June 7th on this issue and We would appreciate an OVERWHELMING show of solidarity and positive support for our project. If you are able we ask that you attend the Fresno County Board of Supervisors meeting on June 7, 2016 at 9 am located at

Fresno County Hall of Records,
2281 Tulare Street, Room 301, Fresno, CA 93721

>>>WRITE A LETTER:  We also invite you to offer your support by contacting the Fresno County Supervisors by email (email address listed below or by US mail to the above address.

Debbie Poochigian at
Andreas Borgeas at
Buddy Mendes at
Brian Pacheco at
Henry Perea at

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We are excited to have partnered with Shine for Dogs, they make super cool rechargeable LED Leashes and Collars to help keep you and your pup safe on those night time walks! Use Coupon Code: “ShineFBR” at check out to get $5 off on leashes and combo packs as well as Free Shipping on all orders! $10 from every leash and collar sold gets donated to rescues like us! This is a Valentines offer is valid till Feb 14, 2016. >>Shop Now 

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 6.21.04 PM

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