About Us

Our Mission Statement

FBR's job is to provide a healthy and loving temporary home while we look for forever homes for our bullies. In addition, FBR is committed to promoting responsible ownership of bully breeds, fighting against breed discrimination, spaying and neutering pets, reporting dog fighting, and demonstrating to the community that bully breeds are loyal, loving, and wonderful forever companions.

Why We Are Here

Because of foreclosures in California, an overwhelming amount of dogs are being surrendered to shelters. Bully breeds are the first to be euthanized if no one adopts or rescues them. Since over 1 million “pit bulls” are euthanized in the United States yearly (statistics provided by Best Friends Society, Kanaab, Utah), the service provided by FBR is critical for the Central Valley which has one of the highest rates of euthanization in the whole of California. (statistics provided by CCSPCA).

Since its founding in May 1, 2008, FBR has rescued over 2,500 dogs. At our shelter, we house over 40 resident dogs at all times. Some rescued from the community, from abusive homes and county shelters where they were designated to be euthanized.

Services Provided by Fresno Bully Rescue

Educational Services


At FBR we feel that it is the top priority to reach our youth and help mold compassionate and educated citizens. We also aggressively seek out new educational opportunities in the community. Some of the main points that we cover in our service are: basic breed education and pet care, how to approach a dog safety, how to read an animals body language for dog bite prevention, dog fighting, abuse, neglect, the importance of spaying and neutering and the consequences of backyard breeding. We have been invited to many schools and colleges all around the Central Valley. These facilities include but are not limited to: Computec High School, Lemoore Middle College, ITT Technical Institute, Fowler High School, and Clovis North High School.

Therapy Services


Fresno Bully Rescue recognizes the benefit of animal therapy for humans. At no cost, FBR brings qualified & certified shelter dogs to visit Senior Assisted Living Facilities such as Golden One, the homeless women & children of the Evangel Home of Fresno and the wonderful people of the Disabled Veterans Program. Seeing the transformation that an animal brings to a person who often struggles with loneliness, sadness or a disability is the most rewarding effort.

Volunteer Services


Fresno Bully Rescue is always looking for more people in the community willing to help. FBR hosts monthly volunteer orientations at our facility, welcoming many new faces ready to help make a difference in their community and in the lives of homeless animals. Our volunteer orientations are very well attended and organized. Every orientation averages about 40-100 new volunteers - each month! We constantly strive for public outreach to help spread the word about our volunteer opportunities. FBR also works with large, corporate companies such as PG&E, Occu-Med, Target, FedEX, Aetna and Fresno State for corporate volunteer opportunities. We also provide opportunities for community service completion.

Community Involvement


Fresno Bully Rescue strives to be involved with our community and regularly attends local community and other organizational events. Fresno Bully Rescue participates in the Clovis Big Hat Days, Clovis Fest, Walk Like MADD Walkathon, Super Adoption at Fresno State, Pet Expos all over California, The Fresno Home and Garden Show, Fresno State Vintage Days, Local Pedigree Dog Shows, Petsmart In-Store Adoptions, Roller Derby Bouts, the Fresno Grizzlies Community Outreach Night, Fresno Christmas Parade, Clovis Rodeo Parade, Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society, Wiggle Waggle Walk hosted by the Valley Animal Center and more.

Owner Surrender and Stray Assistance


At Fresno Bully Rescue, we receive over 400 calls and emails per week from people asking us to take in dogs. We know that we cannot save them all, but we can help educate the owner and provide them with as many resources as possible to help them keep their pet or search for a responsible new home. Many people simply are not aware of their many options for rescue resources and low-cost spaying and neutering. With over 104,000 fans on our Facebook page, many find luck in using this valuable resource. It serves as a valuable networking forum for locating lost pets or finding potential adopters. We take every opportunity to educate and assist people in their time of need to the best of our ability.