Interested in Becoming a Foster?


Foster Requirements

Please note that all fosters must be with in an hours travel distance from from Fresno.

Just like our adoption process, a home check will be required. We will be looking for a safe, secure, happy & healthy environment where a dog will thrive and be treated as a part of your family.

All pets in your home must be spayed/neutered, unless: There is a valid medical reason for not having the surgery or you own a working dog (Police K9 or Herding Dog) etc. Please make sure all of your personal pets are current on their vaccines before taking on a new foster dog/puppy.

FBR asks that fosters help by providing their own dog/puppy food BUT if you need help please let us know and we can provide the food for you. All Medical needs for your foster dog are covered by FBR.

As a foster, you will need to be available to accomodate any interested potential adopter who may want to meet your foster dog. Our adoption coordinator will contact you and help arrange these meet & greets. This may mean taking your dog to our adoption events, bringing it to our shelter, etc.

While we encourage our fosters to help get the word out about adoption and help generate interest for your foster dog/puppy; FBR will help coordinate and approve any interested party to ensure a proper home is found for your foster.

What is Fostering, exactly?

A foster parent provides a temporary home for puppies or dogs in need. The length of fostering can vary from a few days to several months depending on the amount of care that is needed. The devotion and care given during this time allows the animal a second chance to be adopted by a loving home while giving them the social skills typically learned by living in a home environment.

The rewards of being a foster parent are many. They include offering an animal a second chance and the added benefit of receiving the love and attention right back from the animal you nurture.

Why Foster an Underdog?

Fostering is a way to contribute to rescuing these beautiful doggies who need love and discipline. Living in a kennel can eventually affect the temperament of a dog especially if they need a lot of exercise and attention. Therefore, fostering provides these dogs with a home environment and for some it would be living with a human family/pack for the first time in their lives.

Foster homes are ALWAYS needed for puppies! we canot keep puppies at our shelter so the only way we can save puppies is by having availble foster homes for them.

More fosters means more bullies saved!